Tips and Tricks

To help you with your painting project we can provide you with ideas and resources to choose the best color theme to fit your style if you need advice. We have a great knowledge base and experience on colors.

We always have a color deck on hand!

Remember: ALL-TERIOR PAINTING can match any color for you! And we will supply free labor to put up as many paint samples until you are happy with your choice of color.

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Psychology of Color:
Find out more about how the color of your walls can affect your mood, and learn which color to choose based on how you plan to utilize each room.

Color Visualizer:

We encourage all our customers to utilize the free color visualizer on the Sherwin Williams website to help you with color choices. Here you can find a room closest to what you have and play with different color schemes, and find the right complimentary color that most suits the one that you have chosen for the walls so that all the woodwork and trim will flow together seamlessly in your home.